A Creative Space to Support up and coming Artistic Talent in Saudi Arabia

The Cave Gallery is a virtual space for modern and contemporary Saudi art, drawing its energy from the growing vibrance of Riyadh's thriving and ambitious society. Its mission is to contribute to the ongoing cultural transformation of Saudi Arabia by faithfully representing local art pioneers as well as from the entire Arab world, and providing support and guidance to some of the most promising and emerging artists of the local art scene today.


Art on Things Exhibition

22–25 February 2021

Ahlam Studio,

Ext. 7, Anas Ibn Malik road, Al Narjis
Riaydh, Saudi Arabia

Opening hours: 5–10 pm

When visiting the gallery, please follow the general covid-19 guidance.

Ahlam Alshedoukhy

Painting, Mixed media

Ahlam Alshedoukhy (1962) is a Saudi Arabian artist based in Riyadh. She originally trained as a pathologist, and currently holds positions as a consultant pathologist and professor of medicine.


Her art is spontaneous and intuitive, stemming from her hunger for new creative challenges. Her quest for inspiration and freedom of mind, and need to break the mold of social norms and rigid conventions led her to discover her hidden talent.

The messages in her work can be seen as an abstract narrative of the societal development she is a part of and the topics of gender and segregation have fundamentally motivated her artistic creativity. Her subject matter focuses on portraying the men in her surroundings in a subtle way, eliminating the facial details and thus giving the viewer space for imagination.


Ahlam uses textures, strokes, strong colors and various techniques in each painting as if she is reflecting the reality of diverse and individual women coexisting within a conformist society. Her composition and the use of emphasized lines are designed to evoke the strength of feminine willpower. Ahlam’s art documents contemporary societal development and change she is experiencing. She calls it the “Arabian Renaissance”.


Abdulrahman Al Maghrabi


Abd Al-Rahman Al-Maghribi is an academic who studied art and composition at Umm Al-Qura University, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in the year 2005. 

“I love Saudi heritage and culture, as it is closely associated with my sense of self and my childhood. I am deeply certain of its importance for achieving artistic identity and character for myself as an artist.  Additionally, my studies in criticism and aesthetics helped me reinforce values ​​and standards for my own artistic creativity, as the cultural context and insights into composition shaped and matured my own work.”

Al-Maghrabi has participated in many exhibitions locally and internationally and received several prizes, the most important of which were the first prize, Okaz Market, and the Coloring Saudi (Moulawan) Award. He has had seven personal exhibitions in Riyadh, Jeddah and Cairo. 


Hamad F. Alhabib


My art journey did not start with a brush! It started with a scalpel. After 16 years of studying in medicine, I became a heart surgeon. I find art and surgery are closely related.

Lady in Nature

Ziad Kaki


Ziad Kaki is a Saudi Arabian emerging artist, based in London. Ziad’s paintings are characterized by intense colors, creating artificial effects within contours of animals and humans.

Earlier works focused on thermal imaging and background abstractions. Later, Ziad adopted a symbolic approach and plays with the transparency of the figures. Inspired by today’s current events, the paintings have evolved into staged, cinematic screenshots. By integrating various figures within the paintings, he directs a scene, filled with emotions, and leaves the viewer to interpret its significance.

Ziad is inspired by the effects of a camera lens, and how technology has impacted both artists and audiences. He depicts animalistic qualities inherent in humans and integrates historical symbols to insert additional elements into the images depicted. The interaction between figures, combined with a diverse color palette, allows Ziad to show emotions through his distressed figures.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia