Shahad Albedah


Shahad Albedah (1997) graduated from the Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University, College of Visual Arts in 2021.


Shahad has since childhood been fascinated with the camera lens as an extension of her eyes to capture the magic of places and people. Her photographic images are passionately reproduced to create lithography compositions, reductions and photo silk screen-prints.

In this collection Shahad takes her inspiration from the energy of the streetlife, the urban structures and the movement of inhabitants of old streets, such as AlThumairi in historic downtown Riyadh.

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Dania Alhashimi


Dania Alhashimi (1997) is in her final year as a student at Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University, college of Visual Arts, expecting to graduate in April 2021.

In the course of her university education Dania fell in love with print making art and finds an outlet for her creativity in the details and the repeated process of this technique.

Dania is an islander from the beautiful Farasan island, currently residing in Riyadh. A writer and inquisitive person, she hopes to be able to use her print making skills to capture the magic of simple island life using reduction silkscreen on variable materials, such as old pinewood panels (untreated), acrylic plates and raw tent fabric canvases.

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Sarah Alsumari


Sarah Alsumari (1997) graduated from Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University college of Visual Arts, department of print making in December 2020.

She is a resourceful and dedicated print making artist, overcoming the sometimes tedious process of print making, with her artistic and creative spirit. She is a passionate artist and determined to make an impact on the local art scene.

Saudi architectural heritage sites are her focus in this art collection, bringing old Saudi heritage sites to life. Her technique is fresh and unique: linocut with chincolle, stencil and silkscreen on tent fabric canvas.

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